Sunday, 2 November 2014

the Nanaimo boxing dance in the rain

Between  1963 to 1968
*The two Nanaimo boxers tosee action
in open senior tournaments were
Brian Zelley and Tony James
* we each fought in the
BC Golden Gloves

Saw action in  Nanaimo shows
Nanaimo Boxing Club 
The above list includes Nanaimo
and other boxers to see action
in Nanaimo club shows or tournaments.
But, many of the Nanaimo boxers
were junior and/or novice boxers.  

For the Nanaimo boxers, each one
has his own story of why, when, how
and what they did.  Some like Alan Brown,
Brian Zelley, Dan Wright and Jack Snaith
would be experienced when they
joined the Nanaimo Boxing club,

Of the Nanaimo boxers of the seventies
three standouts are
Barry Creswell,Jack Snaithl and 
Mickey Griffin

In 2014 two that are
boxing coaches are:
Barry Creswell * Bob Pegues


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